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Trendtech is a leader at recommending locations and/or creating an environment that is conducive to successful product sampling and demonstration.

Specific events and event locations are chosen / created to effectively reach the target consumer on a "one-to-one" basis.

Trendtech develops and executes targeted National and Regional sampling, demonstration and information programs through a variety of marketing techniques.

Retail Event Sampling - Creation of unique and intrusive sampling events at retail locations

  • Branded Event Sampling - Creation of events that are specifically desigend for target consumer
  • Targeted Event Sampling - Attendance at a variety of major consumer events
  • Mobile Beverage Sampling - Use of mobile beverage dispensing equipment to sampling in a variety of locations
  • Mall Tours - Product distribution/demonstration
  • Product research - Product/service information distribution, education and promotion
  • Pre and Post Event Analysis

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